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Wireless System


Portable PA systems haven’t had the greatest reputation in the past. Often, people think of a battery-powered box with built-in handles intended for generic field work in temporary venues. However, thanks to technology, those boxes have been sounding a lot better and have acquired a standard for of technology: wireless production. In return, they have become much more user-friendly aiming at DIY event production where pros want flexibility without having to sacrifice sound quality.

Speech-intelligibility continues to be a main focus for most systems and frequency has greatly improved throughout the years. On top of that, they have taken on features such as integrated CD/DVD and MP3 players. Some systems can incorporate up to two built in 16-channel UHF wireless receivers.

Although the core market continues to be education and government, the country’s state of economy has opened doors to live-event markets due to the fact that tighter budgets mean smaller events. Portable systems can now work in conjunction with fixed systems, allowing separate, smaller sound zones outside or in other areas of the venue.

The one thing that may lack a bit in the portable systems’ response is the low end, which would normally be addressed with a subwoofer. Those may be viewed as impediments on a PA system, whose integrated mixers are not always equipped with crossovers to divert lower frequencies to subs. Once again, convenience and portability seems to quickly make people focus on only the positive aspect.

Recent technological improvements have been significant in the sound aspect of wireless sound systems. The lack of cables is exceptionally appealing to people. Bluetooth technology and various satellite radio options make for incredible portability of variety in music.

Residential markets are also heavily venturing into wireless sound systems due to convenience and cost. A fairly sophisticated system can be set up in a home and it can have several wireless units working throughout the home and in different rooms. These units work with satellite radio as well as iTunes, which is something most people tend to already have.

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