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Wireless Home Security

Home security systems are very useful in this day and age. With current technology, wireless home security is as convenient as it gets. On top of convenience, price options can vary to perfectly suit budgets and needs.


There are probably two big advantages that are the most obvious when investing in a wireless home security system:

1) Installation Cost – Hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be saved simply because it is fairly easy if you are not requiring an elaborate set up. It can be as easy as hanging a picture on a wall since there are no wires to run other than the electrical cord on the control interface. Some even come with adhesive backing so the camera could be mounted without the need for drilling holes on a wall. Even with a large property, the connection costs can be significantly cheaper than a wired system. One must note that the power in range of a wireless security system should be matched to work with the space being observed. For example, most single family homes should do fine with a 1-ghz receiver while a 2-ghz or higher would be needed to keep up with constant contact sensor components through walls of an acre’s worth of property.

2) Convenience – Most wireless security systems now can be monitored through mobile devices as well as computers. All of these different methods can be used simultaneously making it accessible to multiple users. This feature has recently become very popular in the “baby monitor” sector. Parents not having to make space for a monitor and the ability to have remote access from work has taken the “nanny cam” to another level.

Recent Developments

As far as features of a wired system, it is safe to say that wireless security technology has matched the capabilities available. Traditional seal/trip sensors, passive infrared motion detectors, lighting controllers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, are all available.