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Event Lighting in Los Angeles Area

Why is lighting so important for events?

Event Lighting in Los Angeles AreaLighting is definitely one of the most important aspects of an event. It can give depth and ambiance to an event space as well as tie together other conditions of an event, such as slideshow presentations, seating, and sound.

Four Elements of Event Lighting

There are four elements of great lighting that further explain the importance of carefully integrating it into an event, performance or function.


Lighting illuminates the speaker, facilitator, performers, or panel of experts. Lighting facilitates the big picture and keep an audience engaged.


Certain types of lighting can follow a person or an object, which inspires an audience to center their attention without even trying. Lighting can also be projected onto a wall or be a backdrop for sponsor and/or company logos.


Once you know the type of scene you would like for your event, a lighting professional can help create and enhance the appropriate atmosphere. The natural light in the room can affect the possibilities, and when working with technology, the outcome can be breathtaking.

Overall Composition

You can create a balance in surroundings by using different color lighting to guide emotions or attention.

Memorable Event Lighting

Lighting not only provides the focus for an event, it also makes an event memorable with the moods it triggers. Gridworks has the experience and expertise to design and install theatrical and event lighting in the greater Los Angeles area.