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Using Lighting for Holiday Events

Lighting and video technology can play a very big part of setting the perfect seasonal ambiance for holiday events indoors or outdoors. Simple options are a quick fix in providing accurate sound and audio. For example, lighting can be situated for a podium, stage, décor, logo imaging and/or drapery. These fairly straight-forward examples can be elaborated for the holiday season. Here are some scenarios:

-The use of warm up lighting to change the mood of a room from dinner to dancing (a very popular technique). This can really change the direction of an event and guide guests accordingly.

-The use of multiple video screens to bring the outdoor winter magic inside. These can display moving “snow”, snowflakes, trees and lights to just name a few. Crank up the AC and you are sure to feel like you are in the midst of a “winter wonderland.”

-The use of lighting and video walls together can perfectly recreate something as monumental as the famous Times Square New Years Eve Ball Drop (on a much smaller scale of course). Add some classic music and it will seem like you are in the middle of NYC.

It truly is amazing and jaw dropping how the creative use of video and lighting can transform a space into something completely festive and magical. Even a basic option may make enough of a difference to wow a crowd and make a holiday event a truly memorable one.