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Multimedia Concepts


The days of requiring high-tech systems in order to have a responsive smart home or even workplace are gone. Technology now enables many possibilities and those are only growing. As usual, always good to keep informed on upcoming trends:

DYNAMIC INTERACTIVE DESKS – Practically a touch table that can be used with hand gestures and tangible objects. It would be set to be compatible with any projected capacitive touchscreen. Think of data or media transfer from a smartphone to the desk and vise versa.

ATTACHABLE SMARTPHONE LENSES – Although not a new concept, surely an evolving one that keeps on improving. The features now come close to those of a DSLR but in the convenience of being pocket size.

SUPERSIZED LUXURY TV’S – Upcoming TVs are ones like the BeoVision Avant 85. It has a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel direct LED panel that features 2D local backlight dimming and 240 individually dimmable segments. The front glass even has a special coating that reduces reflections by 98%. On top of those features, it has a sound panel with seven integrated drivers along with a subwoofer and wireless transmitter for speaker addition options.

TRI-PANELED CINEMA SCREENS – Already available in five movie theaters in the United States, these three-paneled screens deliver an immersive cinema experience better than 3D. Allowing for peripheral vision, the center view is the optimal spot.

DUAL-SCREEN LAPTOP ATTACHMENTS – Already popular for desktop computers, the DuoScreen provides the same convenience for a laptop. The system is designed so that the attachment is harnessed to the underside of the laptop, that way it can be easily flipped out or folded under as needed. All that is needed is a USB connection.

TRAVEL SIMULATION BOOTHS – A 4D travel virtual reality booth that provides a 100-second experience including sound, feel and smell changes to different locations in the world. Certain hotels have used this technology to expose their properties and the surroundings they have to offer.

3D PROJECTION BASKETBALL COURTS – A basketball court is big enough to really capture audience attention. Especially noticeable when technology can turn it into a giant screen with 3D imagery to show off animations, players and team highlights.

GARAGE OPENER APPS – Garage Beacon turns your Smartphone into a garage remote with a simple hardware install and sync.

Multimedia concepts are hard to keep up with since they evolve daily. However, keeping up with technology is of best interest in the long run because it can facilitate daily tasks as well as more complicated/time consuming ones.