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Nowadays it seems that anyone that owns a flat screen has decided to mount it on the wall. Not only does this type of set-up save space, but it also creates a very clean and neat look. When the TV isn’t on, it is barely noticeable…and that is very appealing. Most televisions now include a pedestal stand, which works fine if you are placing it on a TV stand or table. If mounting on a wall sounds like a better option, there are a few things to consider before purchasing: Basically, mounts range in price based on flexibility. One has to know ahead how important TV positioning will be for personal preference. The basic mount options and how they function are as follows:

Flat Mount– The most basic (and economical) option. It positions the TV very close to the wall (as close as 1” away) with no room for any type of movement. This is a good choice for plasmas since they have the widest horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

Tilt Mount– This type of provides vertical angle adjustment, which makes it easy to compensate for a TV positioned above the optimum viewing level (ex: above fireplace- although not recommended, still seems to be a popular choice). The tilt option allows for the TV to be placed at least 2.5” away from the wall. It also helps counteract screen reflections from windows or lights.

Tilt/Swivel Mount– Same as the tilt mount but with added side-to-side adjustment. A great solution for TVs that need to be at an angle for optimal viewing and for rooms with more than one viewing spot.

Articulating Mount– This is the priciest option but also the most sophisticated and versatile type. It does everything the tilt/swivel mount does and more since it articulates all around. The arm can fold back so that the TV can be at the wall when not in use. This type of mount is the most popular lately as it provides the most viewing angle options.

*Whatever your mount options may be, keep in mind that Gridworks Inc. can help match you to the perfect one, as well as provide installation to maximize your home theater system.