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With technological expansion only growing, simulated experience continues to top the list for new features. In addition, new gadgets are constantly being released to allow for technological functions with everyday devices.

TEXTILE DESIGNS – Some chargers are now available in flat textile material. Not only do they have a more prestige look to them, they can be folded (or rolled up) in an easier manner.

WATERLESS WASHER – For those times where you just want to wash one item of clothing, the Toaster-L washer is perfect. This compact washer has been designed to refresh one item at a time and at quick speed.

CURVED COMPUTER MONITORS – Ideal for gamers (as far as graphic display), they offer wide and angular screens for better resolution.

INTELLIGENT ALERT SYSTEMS – Traditional monitoring systems can be quite pricey. For $99, the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is always listening for a smoke/carbon monoxide alarm and will alert a smartphone.

HOME CLOUD DEVICES – With more people becoming paranoid on storing private data on floating cloud network, there is a more private option. The Ezee Cube is a “home cloud” that automatically backs up data from synced phones, tablets, and computers in order to free up space while assuming privacy safety. As a modular storage alternative, it runs on a Linux operation platform and XBMC home theater software while featuring a Cortex A9 dual-core processor and a good amount of memory.

2015 will only bring new innovations as far as technology goes. Most have the same goal: to facilitate tasks with the use of technology.