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It seems that travel technology is one of the fastest growing types of technology. It is hassle enough having to travel, so anything that can expedite the process and/or make it more comfortable, is surely to be welcomed by many. Companies are on a mission to merge technology and functionality. Here are some examples:

HOSTEL KIOSK – Since some travelers want to fully experience a culture, hostels seem to continue to be popular. Most lack in technology abilities, but a Hostel Kiosk works like a social network for travelers who visit hostels equipped with these machines. They can upload photos, videos or other information that might help fellow travelers.

ELECTRONIC BAG TAG – Replacing paper tags, these “smartphone compatible” tags can be scanned by the owner to gather information such as flight details and luggage location.

PORTABLE NETWORK STRENGTHENERS – Perfect for traveling. Allows for a strong connection with your network on demand. The “Portable WiFi Signal Booster” by Hammacher Schlemmer plugs into an AC outlet and connects to your network.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATING PHONES – Another handy tool for travelers is a language translating phone. The Transducer Mobile Phone translates what one person is saying in their language to the listener’s language and vice-versa. Designed by Jasper Hou, the phone also boasts GPS, transparent LCD and color effects with a digital scan that can translate written words.

It is already hard to keep up with travel technology trends but it is safe to say that it is probably the industry that appreciates evolving technology the most.