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Tech Trends


Since it has been a while that we did an update on upcoming technological trends (it really is a mission to try to keep up!), we figure now is a good time as any. Believe it or not, even the current season motivates techs to develop new concepts to adapt better to our day to day routine. Techs now seem to focus on maximizing free time vs fancy concepts. Here are just some of the popular trends evolving in 2014 to facilitate our lives…hopefully.

ROBOTIC WHEELCHAIR BEDS – The first robotic device to be certified ISO13482-compliant, the Resyone robotic wheelchair-bed (by Panasonic) blends an electric care bed with a wheelchair. Patients can move from bed to chair since the mattress splits in half and only requires the attention of one caregiver.

• PHONE-LIKE REMOTE CONTROLS – When not at work, it is very likely that you are home using a remote control. The E-Blue Web @ TV Wireless Keyboard with Remote Control touchpad gives you many input options. It is slim like a smartphone and has a QWERTY keyboard with functions similar to that of a tablet. It makes communication from PC to TV easier and also works with major gaming consoles.

SELF PUMPING BIKES – A common (and inevitable) problem with riding a bike is the possibility of a flat tire happening without a manual pump handy. Enter the concept of the Inflator bike. This bike has a “self- pump” in the seat. The bike’s body is attached to both tires and will pump both tires when the seat is pushed up and down.

VIRTUAL KEYBOARDS – While most people still seem to prefer the touch of an actual keyboard, virtual keyboards are becoming more popular. A specialized piece of software, it will help you replace a traditional one. It can be very handy for tablets or kiosks.

Some of these gadgets may be worth exploring in order to maximize productivity on a daily basis. It is only a matter of time before even more these improve even more in efficiency. One thing is for sure…keeping up with gadget trends is an easy way to benefit from technology and all it has to offer.