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Tips to Impress an Audience

Presentations used to only involve fairly basic technology such as Powerpoint and video. Audiovisual trends have really evolved and the “wow factor” can really increase with a few implementations.

1) Touch-Screen Technology
This is a quick way to really transform a presentation and grab audience attention. Like using a tablet but on a huge screen, it can be used at a kiosk, workshops or sessions. Multiple touch points on the screen can engage multiple people and they can access information at the same time without interfering with one another. This one is very important for web conferencing for example.

2) LED Lighting
Not only is this an energy efficient option, it can be integrated with video systems to allow color matching lighting to suit screen content and themes. This type of personalization will further brand a meeting and the experience for the audience.

3) Multi-Image Display Presentation Software
This type of technology allows AV pros to place visual content on any screen at any time. Images can seamlessly “move between screens.” This software can run on multiple projectors, or other display devices like video walls, plasma screens, etc.

4) Projection Mapping
Also known as video mapping, this type of technology allows you to project images on any multi-dimensional shape or form. Any object can become a display leading to quite memorable visual effects. It allows to turn a piece of architecture (or standing object) into visual art or even a brand.

5) Gesture Media
What may be the most engaging form of technology, this allows a speaker to manipulate the presentation with body movement rather than a mouse or keyboard. The way this works is through different receivers that read a particular movement and then initiate an action on a computer. This technology can be used on a small scale or large scale.