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It seems that smartphones are involved in every aspect of our lives as of late. It really is so convenient to be able to carry an organizer, phone, e-mail, and high-tech camera in your pocket. Camera technology is now a crucial feature on smart phones. It makes it easy to document important moments with a picture. Now while most of these photographs end up being uploaded into a computer or a social media site, most probably don’t end up being printed due to convenience. It would take an extra step to process printing photographs on a phone.

Well, leave it to recent technology to make printing instantly from a smartphone available. A tiny zero-ink palm-sized printer by the name of ZINK ( is quite the little gadget. A perfect little printer for people on the go and is extremely handy in its mini size.


A printer without the use of ink cartridges, ribbons or toners…Zink uses technology that involves heat activating unique color-forming molecules embedded in the layers of the specialized paper. This paper is an advanced composite material composed of multiple layers of color-forming chemistry with color crystals. The layers are coated as a thin stack onto a base layer with a polymer coating protecting them from moisture. Amazingly, all layers combined are less thick than the thickness of human hair. The “special” paper looks like plain white paper.


• Prints by using Bluetooth to access photos on iPhone/iPad and Android.
• Prints a 2 in by 3 in color photo in less than a minute.
• An app that works with the device will allow you to center, caption and add certain filters/borders to pics before printing.
• Prints are 640 x 1224 dpi resulting in a high quality photograph.
• Can also print labels, decorations, business cards, coupons and gifts.
• Built-in cutter
• Optimal rechargeable battery available.

There are two types of portable Zinc printers. The less expensive is $199 (without touchscreen) and the other is $299 (touchscreen). The specialized paper rangers in pricing depending on quantity ranging from $19.99 to $79.99.