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For anyone that watched the commercials at the 2014 Super Bowl, you may have noticed a clever one by Sonos ( . We are very familiar with the brand and what it has to offer. It is actually the most popular system in our residential install ventures.


Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. One app controls all of your musical data collection that you control from any mobile device. It allows you to fully control music in every room. You can listen to different tunes in each room or the same uniform beat.

Sonos speakers come in different sizes to accommodate room sizes:

PLAY:1 – Smallest, fits anywhere, still has deep bass and power.
PLAY:3 – Mid size, bit more power.
PLAY:5 – The deepest bass, made for bigger rooms.

In addition, the PLAYBAR (soundbar) and SUB end up creating quite the sound system. The option to connect existing stereo equipment to Sonos can work with CONNECT:AMP (turning wired speakers into a music streaming system) and CONNECT (turning stereo or home theater into music streaming system). Lastly, you can make your WiFi go HiFi with the use of BRIDGE (connects to router to allow all Sonos components to work wirelessly in any room).


Music can stream from any music files stored on a computer or network device. Sonos can also access iTunes, internet radio and subscription services.
Aside from the music connectivity aspect, Sonos is also big in the Home Theater market. The same components can create quite an impressive home theater surround sound system. A simple formula consisting of 4 units: PLAYBAR, SUB, and two SPEAKERS can easily result in enticing 5.1 soundwith the power to play anything.

*Gridworks Inc. is fully licensed and authorized to sell and install Sonos products.