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Social Media


Social media is everything as of late and truly the easiest way to spread the word on anything. Our smartphones control a majority of our “daily tasks” and are the main device handling social media on a personal level as well as business level.

Apps as of late can split up the services of a large social media network (ex: Facebook) to facilitate use. Companies can use this feature to an advantage in targeting customers. On a personal level, some of these apps can just simplify things. Some of the impressive ones are:

Paper – A way for Facebook to “think small” and declutter some of the things that some people may find unnecessary.

PeekInToo – Designed for those who always wondered how life around the world is. It allows users to connect to anybody who is sharing 12 second videos through a virtual map. You will have to accept requests and there are privacy settings available.

HereFeed – This app allows you to know exactly where breaking news is happening. It gathers photos from Instagram based on geo-tags.

Photopon – A social gifting app that allows you to share deals by connecting you to friends, family, retailers and merchants. With the use of location services, the app shows you the nearest deals which you can then attack your photo to and send to people.

Bloop – Basically allows you to crop YouTube videos to 20 second clips which can be handy for music videos or a sports replay.

• Cluster – An app that allows you to share photos in a more private setting. You can create albums by category and choose what to share and with what groups you have created.

These are just a few of the apps that have recently become popular and are surely to only trigger more similar ones.