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smart tv

Smart TV

A Smart TV allows you to access streaming video services (think Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video) on your TV. These internet connected TVs offer more computing ability and connectivity than a traditional basic TV. They will even often let you access non-video services such as Twitter, or do things like check the news and weather without the need of a computer.

Smart TVs either have an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi capability in order to stay connected to the Internet. They come with an operation system (OS) like computers and smartphones so that they can run widgets and apps. This all ties into their main function: to stream videos and music.

Most of these TVs already come equipped with the necessary video apps and some offer social media apps. A pre-installed internet browser is also becoming a new popular standard. However, smart TVs and computers differ in their abilities simply due to the fact that they have different operating systems. What can it REALLY do? For one it is not exactly an all-in-one computer that focuses on streaming.

One must also know that the Smart TVs that come equipped to browse the web must also need to work with specific equipment made for Smart TVs such as wireless keyboards and remotes. Prices tend to range from $500 to $2,000.