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In an ideal situation, we would have around the clock eyes to care for our loved ones ourselves. Timing can be crucial when having to care for an elderly family member and quick response to a situation is extremely important. Even if you are able to stay home to care for an elderly loved one, it is impossible to remain completely vigilant 100% of the time. Fortunately, home technology can offer some peace of mind. Smartphone/tablet integration is currently the root of convenience when it comes to home automation. Not only is it user friendly, it is available to anyone with a smartphone…which is everyone these days. Not only that, but pricing no longer has to be intimidating for top technology.

Sensors are probably the most important type of technology available for keeping a watchful vigilance on the elderly. They are designed to track the movement of people and can be placed throughout a home (or facility) to notify loved ones when someone has left an area. Motion sensors placed in the kitchen can monitor eating habits and another in a bedroom can even alert to poor sleeping habits. The highlight is that any alert can be sent to various family members on their mobile device. With senior care, wearable devices can be used to track health and behavior and even detect a fall. The alerts can be silent so that the elderly member doesn’t feel watched while allowing seniors’ independence by staying in their own homes for a prolonged time.

One has to keep in mind that not all systems will work in the same manner for everyone. This type of technology is best used when customized to match a family’s needs and requirements. One thing to keep in mind is that: if you can plug it in, you can most likely keep track of it and control it from your phone. Most importantly, a loved one’s health and well -being is priceless. Technology can only help peace of mind after all.