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Everything seems to be available in “smart” format these days. Simple objects such as doorbells, locks, light bulbs and appliances have quickly climbed in popularity in order to use technology to its full advantage. One main concern for people when working away from home is the state of their home outside (ex: who is at the door at any given time). Enter the Smart Mat. This would be a wi-fi enabled device designed to fit under a regular doormat, but with the ability to process data directly to you after weight is put on it.

The “mat” measures approximately 18 x 27 in and it is made from “pressure-sensitive” plastic film sandwiched between two conductive polymer film layers, which also have a waterproof layer. All of this is coupled with a wi-fi enabled Electric Imp micro controller that collects and processes data to deliver to a home network.


Once the data has been collected, it is sent to a cloud-based server that can originate functions such as texting or e-mailing. Different settings via a web browser on a mobile device or computer can customize triggers or actions. The Smart Mat is “smart” in that it can decipher weight in pressure and for how long. This type of technology comes in very handy when trying to tell the weight of a pet waiting to be let in vs the weight of a package for example. One scenario would require quicker action or alert. The same connectivity allows users to set up other wi-fi controlled devices simultaneously such as webcams, smart bulbs, or any automated device.

While powered by a 9V battery, the Smart Mat should be able to remain powered for approximately 3 days (there is a “sleep mode” after 60 seconds of no activity to conserve power) with constant data transmitting or even 100 days with 15 minute daily data.


There aren’t too many issues considering the available advantages. To no surprise, there is a 3-5 second delay in the data transmittal under wi-fi. The option to be connected to main power with an AC adapter is available to better that as well.

The Smart Mat is new technology that is expected to be available in June 2014 for approximately $75 USD.