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Most people are no longer intrigued or intimidated by the idea of a smart home. In fact, it is almost becoming the norm. New builts are now adding smart home capabilities to floor plans and people are constantly adding equipment to their existing homes. Recent studies have shown that over 60% of home owners now consider making their homes “smart.” To compare, when something is wrong with your car, you get an alert about it. The same idea can provide peace of mind and avoid stress in many aspects of a home. Some of the main components of a smart home are:

LIGHTS – Although lighting may not seem like a big deal, it surely can be. The use of specialized apps, a smartphone and an automated lighting system, light settings can be scheduled to be turned on, dim or even be a particular color. This can take ambiance settings to a whole new level.

THERMOSTAT – Imagine not having to worry about waking up to a freezing home? The house can be programmed to do that for you. Some systems now even have voice commands.

APPLIANCES – The ability to control appliances from outside the home may be the easiest way to simplify hosting guests. A simple text to your appliances can get the automatic vacuum started and oven turned on…prepping for the arrival of your company.

LOCKS – Now keypad locks can be controlled by a smartphone app. You can be alerted if a wrong code was entered or if there was too much code entering in a period of time (tampering) as a security alert.

ENTIRE HOME – Having a system on one platform makes it easier to track and control. You can know instantly when something is not operating properly and can tend to it in a timely manner. System preferences can be stored so that actions can even be repeated if needed.