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It seems that smart home technology continues to evolve quickly and we constantly need to keep informed to make sure we are utilizing what is of use and convenience to us. A new feature seems to pop up right when we need it and controlling home automation gadgets from outside the home is as convenient as it gets. Some of the current trends are:

1) OUTLET SAFETY – As in the past, safety features top the list for home musts. Now outlets can be smart enough (network-connected) to analyze user behavior by cutting power to unused devices or maintaining off until valid contact with a plug. This feature can prevent accidents with little fingers and/or save energy.

2) VOICE CONTROL IMPROVEMENTS – Voice recognition continues to greatly improve in technology. Now it can recognize more colloquial language. Minimizing background noise pick up is also a big plus.

3) AWAY FROM HOME CONTROL – The days of requiring a wireless internet connection to control the home from outside are numbered.

4) HELPING HEALTH – Smart air purifiers can sense when allergies start to act up, microwaves/ovens that can calculate calories while cooking (wow!), and whole house movement sensors are just some of the developing technologies aiming at helping your health.

A smart home is something that is available to anyone with the right direction. Once you narrow specific preferences, a professional like Gridworks can guide you the right way to find a system that will perfectly suit your needs and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us!