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Restaurant Audio System Impacts Ambience

Restaurant Audio Systems Improve Ambience

It is a known fact that most restaurants try to accommodate a comfortable atmosphere for their clients.

How crucial are restaurant audio visual systems for the success of a restaurant that is essentially in the business of selling food and drinks?

How Restaurant Audio Systems Impact Customers

Restaurant Audio System Impacts AmbienceResearch seems to show that the musical / audio experience that is provided at a restaurant not only CAN affect how much customers eat and drink but also HOW FAST.

For instance, when music is loud (not disturbingly loud), people tend to talk less and eat more/faster.

Aside from obvious observation, there seems to be actual numerical research to back up this theory. A Fairfield University study showed that people took 44 bites per minute (average hunger, not starving) when faster music was playing vs the 3.83 bites at typical settings. Furthermore, another study in France showed that drinkers ordered an average of 2.6 drinks, completing one in 14.5 minutes, when listening to music playing at 72 decibels. Turn it up to 88 decibels, and the same guests ordered 3.4 drinks finishing one in 11.5 minutes.

While colors have been influencing eateries throughout the years (think of yellows, reds at most fast food joints) to entice hunger, it appears audio visual design now coincides.

Nowadays, customizing control system technology is becoming the norm. For instance, restaurant audio systems can be programmed to automatically increase in volume and tempo as the busiest time of day approaches.

One thing is clear, high quality sound and lighting will ensure an inviting ambience for customer enjoyment.