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It is no secret that video games can bring out rage some people didn’t even know they had. Just putting yourself in “character mode” can trigger all sorts of emotions and even actions. While releasing certain frustrations may help, throwing things at a screen or at a wall may cause you more regret after the initial anger. One simple gadget may save someone a lot of money and perhaps help keep blood pressure down. A new upcoming headset called Immersion (created by designer Sam Matson) uses sensors and psychology to control gamer rage.
The trick in the concept is that it is intended to CONTROL anger before it escalates. It monitors heart rate and increases a game’s difficulty the more frustrated he/she becomes. Initial research was done was by hacking an Xbox controller while observing gamers’ heart rates while playing a first-person shooter (FPS) in video games. Biometrics added to the investigation which prompted the technology behind Immersion. The way it functions is that basically data from the headset’s optical pulse sensor is sent to the game via Bluetooth, making battles even harder as patience declines. In return, it should force a player to remain serene and focused.

While this concept is still not available, it is only a matter of time before its release. The question remains: do people want to spend money on a gadget that forces them to control emotions? It may be worth a try for the sake of other flying objects during a gaming rage moment and any prized possessions in the midst of it.