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Once in a while we notice a particular product really increase in popularity in our market but realize that many people may not be familiar with it. One very preferred item used in most cruise ships is a recording system known as the Radar.

This recording system is the top choice for multi-rack recording and playback in many popular recording studios, scoring stages, theatres, post production houses and cruise ship lounges around the world. The sound quality is its biggest feature and reason to its high demand. Reliability, customization capability and cutting edge technology are some of the other perks.


The converter technology behind the sound quality of the radar is so developed that it leaves practically no room for jitter. The signal path is what one could refer to as perfect.
Have the peace of mind that something is going to work without constant attention and maintenance is truly priceless. Radars are known for working smoothly for approximately 25 years and that plus can be credited to the use of top quality components and prestine circuit layout. Technical support via e-mail, phone, and Skype is included in all radar purchases.


Integration with other systems like consoles, DAWS and synchronizers.


Recording functionality is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t involve a heavy understanding of different technologies. There are two choices available for analogue I/O designs and in 8, 16 or 24 channel configurations. A wide variety of backup and recording options on top of 4-multi channel digital I/OS also make it the most customizable multi-rack recorder on the market. For example, with Radar 6’s new architecture, moving files is easy and fast. Tracks can transfer from different sources in a matter of seconds.
Radar was designed in March 1991 by Canadian company iZ Technology Corporation and we are pleased to be dealers for them.