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Once again we realize that people gladly embrace technology when it comes to it making things easier for them. Software that “gets to know you” in order to predict future activity? Sounds perfect in the sense that it is actually doing some thinking on our behalf. This type of technology can even remove the “customizing” step in many apps by being pre-programmed. Some popular ones:

SHARABLE MUSIC PLAYLISTS – There are apps like that allow you to create playlists and share them. It also tracks your preferences to give you suggestions, making the ability to create a “mix” very easy and quick.

MOOD BASED MUSIC – Ghostly Discovery app displays different color options to select based on your mood and will tailor a playlist for you.

SPORT SPECIFIC WORKOUTS – The Coachd app will tailor workouts to you based on your favorite sport and your specified needs.

SECURITY MONITORING – Home security systems can be monitored via your smartphone. For ex, the Piper Home Security System keeps an eye on everything from light to sound to temperature in a home. It allows you to monitor your home via your smartphone as long as there is phone service. It can predict activity by notifying of any temperature change.

TASTE ANALYZING FOODIE APPS – The never ending food decision issue might be diminished with an app that can track your preferences and provide suggestions.

Technological convenience continues to grow. Having your smartphone practically be a personal assistant is not only extremely handy, but very functional and productive…two things that surely make life easier.