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Outdoor Tech


The fun doesn’t have to stay inside when it comes to technology and audio/video/lighting. These days, most electronic gadgets are no longer confined to interior space. Although the warmer months may seem like the appropriate outdoor entertainment fun, some states can cozy up outdoors all year. Setting a cozy mood with an outdoor fire-pit along with technology can be the ideal setting for holiday gatherings. One side note…adding this type of equipment can really increase the value of a home.

Extending audio and video components outdoors is an easy way to expand entertainment options while maximizing use of space. Nowadays, it is simpler than ever. WiFi connections can be beefed up and speaker systems can quickly be connected to existing Bluetooth functionality to work with mobile devices. Some ideal outdoor areas include porches and balconies (where there is shade). Covered decks are the norm but depending on how much equipment is underneath, extra measures may be needed to cool off (fairly simple adjustments). A simple button could eventually be in charge of properly cooling off an area.

Lighting options can be customized to work with daylight and time zones. Many outdoor lighting solutions run from solar power, which eliminate the need for hard wiring. Energy saving can be optimized with the use of timers, dimmers and photosensors (ideally for areas that need specific task lighting).

A few simple additions to your outside space can really make an area more functional and enjoyable. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home and making it the most appealing possible, the more inviting it will be.