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Handsfree is the way of technology and has been now for a few years. Knowing that, more companies are working hard in developing different gadgets to provide this popular type of technology. Some voice-activated gadgets can range from sound-control capabilities to smarter ones controlled by voice with gestures. Kid-friendly gadgets are now being released as well to begin welcoming younger generations to what will soon be a norm in the techy world.

SMART HELMETS – Smart moto helmets by Skully provide a display system with GPS, 180-degree rear view camera, Bluetooth, while being voice controlled.

REMOTES – The Vista Media Center Amulet Remote includes software that allows voice control for all functions. Background noise does not affect it, so the only thing you have to do is physically hold it.

DIGITAL CLOCKS – No longer do you have to smack your alarm clock. Thanks to the Moshi alarm clock, you can yell at it. It can also operate on various voice commands, for a more pleasant alarm clock experience all around.

CULINARY APPS – With so many cooking apps handy on a mobile device, cooks can now operate iCookbook via voice control. It allows for scrolling and zooming among other features in order to have a full hands-free experience.

ELECTRONIC ASSITANTS – The ivee Sleek is a device that can take voice instructions from telling time, turning lights on/off, temperature change, and even communicate with a Roomba making house chores a bit easier.

VOICE ACTIVATED LISTS – The Smartshopper Grocery List Organizer will record your voice and print out a handy list. It is even capable of storing various lists.

VOICE ACTIVATED SMART WATCHES – If you need more than what your smartphone can offer, the Braun S is a voice-activated smart watch that responds to your voice and provides heart rate, messaging, and even call assisting.

ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS – The new Xbox ONE can read users’ heartbeats as well as provide voice control with facial recognition.

LIGHTS – The Vocca is an adapter that can turn any bulb to be voice controlled. Working in conjunction with an app, it can even turn itself on/off based on settings.

It really doesn’t get easier than voice-control to guide technology. More and more devices are becoming available to this type of technology and soon enough having to pus ha button will be a thing of the past.