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Fitness trackers (usually in the form of a bracelet) have grown in popularity since they made a debut a few years back. They typically clock you activity (steps, laps swam, calories burned, hours slept, etc) and seem to be essential in achieving fitness goals. What if the functionality of ear buds mixed with those of a fitness tracker? It basically means extra functions in the form of earbuds.

The Dash expects to precisely meet those requirements. It is a pair of earbuds that pack quite the list of functions in a tiny, waterproof and wireless gadget. It includes a fitness tracker (with training feedback), 4 gigabyte MP3 player, along with a Bluetooth headset.

The Dash can play music via Bluetooth technology from your smartphone, but is also equipped with enough room to hold about 1,000 songs. Turning on/off is done by a simple tap. On a fitness level, it is equipped with 15 sensors to monitor anything from distance ran, to speed, heart beats and respiration rates. Apparently, the ear is supposed to be an ideal spot on the body to gather this type of information and ideally it would be able to provide more accurate feedback to an athlete to alter activity as the body responds to it.

The gadget is said to be equipped with 3 sizing options to accommodate 94% of users. An app is currently being worked on and biometric data transfer is what truly separates this gadget, along with its discreet appearanceā€¦making it more visually appealing.