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Music continues to be a huge part in people’s everyday lives. We listen to music all hours of the day (car, home, work, while working out, etc.) and having different options when it comes to listening is a big plus. CES 2015 made sure to demonstrate new innovative ways to play music.

SMART WIRELESS EAR BUDS – Wireless has been the way of preference for a couple of years now. Thru Bluetooth, the Bragi Dash earbuds were designed thru the study of hearing aids for optimal fit. On top of being wireless, there are plans to make them independent “smart” devices with activated sensors.

BLUETOOTH OUTDOOR SPEAKERS – The Rapoo A200 Bluetooth mini speakers are great quality and designed for outdoor use. Splash-proof, shock-proof and dust-proof, they are the perfect addition to an outdoor gathering. They are also designed in a way that allows them to be hung easily, and be portable while providing 360 degree of sound along with deep bass. Perhaps the most appealing feature…priced at just $39.99.

SOLAR-POWERED OUTDOOR SPEAKERS – With solar power becoming more popular, the ECOSMART HD Solar TM audio system is a solar-powered speaker. It has a durable design to withstand harsh weather conditions and can provide over 50 hours of listening time.

FITNESS EARBUDS – The Scosche sport CLIP earbud collection is designed for active consumers providing excellent sound quality with splash-proof and sweatproof options to perfectly suit a fitness lover.

GESTURE CONTROLLED HEADSET – For those that hate having to reach for a button, the JBL Synchros and Reflect Response earbuds can receive gesture commands.

TEXTABLE SPEAKERS – Once again, you can now command another device from your smartphone. The Wi-Fi Music Flow Speakers can be commanded via text.

BUILT-IN SPEAKER LAMPS – The Igoo Smartlamp is a Wi-Fi enabled lamp with colored LED lights and built-in speakers. Equipped with a remote, the lamp has a sleek appearance that is sure to add appeal to any room.

AUDIO COOLERS – The Kube is perfect for the ideal outdoor/beachy gathering. A cooler that is embedded with a hi-fi audio system and USB capabilities (to charge a phone), it is the perfect device to keep a party going. The stereo works with Bluetooth technology and can play up to 20 hours of music.

The options for ways to transmit music seem endless. Wireless and portable seem to be the most popular features. Technology will only provide more handy options as time goes by and soon enough (it not already), there will be a perfect device to play music for anyone with even the most particular needs.