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Ever wonder what to do with your priceless music collection that you may have on CD or vinyl? Surely you don’t want it all just collecting dust while robbing your ears of fine tunes. Murfie is here to save the day! It is an online music service for your music collection. There are even buying, selling and trading options for music enthusiasts. In other words, it is a streamlined way of providing traditional ownership with the convenience of remote storage and digital access.


You can enjoy your music collection from the cloud (Murfie HQ) on all of your devices. You can send your collection to Murfie and they will rip it and convert it, store the physical copies at headquarters or return them , and upload your digital albums to your online Murfie collection. You can then stream your music at home with your Sonos system and the Murfie Web Player ro on the go with the mobile app. Downloads come in high quality mp3, aac, FLAC and ALAC. Music can even be put on portable hard drive or NAS.

In addition, you can buy used and new albums in the Murfie marketplace at great prices. Whatever you buy is automatically added to your personal online collection where you can stream from or download in the format of your choice. There is also the option of selling or trading (that hasn’t been downloaded) and you can even gift the album by requesting a shipping kit (which they provide for you free of cost).


With Murfie, you get true ownership. Since every album stored is individually backed by its corresponding physical CD or record, you have a solid guarantee of legal rights to sell, trade and convert to new audio formats.


Sign up is free and free to purchase CDs and records as well as trade. Streaming and downloads are included with every purchase. Premium memberships are as follows:

MURFIE GOLD ($25/yr) – $1 discount on all album purchases, as well as $10 bonus credit for joining.
MURFIE HIFI ($99/YR) – Lossless streaming of your collection through you Sonos and VOCO devices.

Storage is free for gold and HiFi members. Storage is free after your first year as long as you make at least 12 transactions (a year) or become a Gold/HiFi member. Murfie is a great way to properly organize cherished music and keep it available. As long as it is a licensed CD or vinyl, it is good to go to the Shipping Kit and should be uploaded in a business week or so. Scratched CDs will even be attempted a fix.

If you (or know someone) is interested, please visit and our clients can enter the code GRIDWORKS1 for a 10% discount. Please feel free to contact Tyler at Murfie if you have any questions: (608-515-8180) and contact us to help you with any audio needs to maximize the Murfie experience!