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The year is filled with technology and it is practically impossible to keep up with evolving trends. Without a doubt, that won’t be changing. To summarize the top trends that will be transitioning to the New Year…here is a list:

CONNECTED HOME APPS – Apps continue to lead home automation connectivity. An app named Wink can coordinate hi-tech household items. Although some people seem to buy items separately based on growing needs, this App can likely easily connect one device to another for seamless operation. Once again all from a smartphone.

GARDEN SERVICE APPS – No longer do you have to simply rely on Google for green thumb help. The Fountain app is specifically designed to provide expert help on gardening issues providing video chat and image messaging with gardening experts.

PANORAMIC SMART CAMERAS – Sport action photography will be on whole other level with the release of the 360fly, which capture photos in 360 degree angles. By providing mono-directional shots, it will offer all-encompassing capturing modes. By also being compatible with Android and iOs, it will also allow for on-the-go editing without the need for a computer.

HANDHELD GESTURE CONTROL DEVICES – With the goal of avoiding having to switch remote controls, the OneCue ( helps users use hand gestures to control devices. It is mainly targeted to work with audio visual equipment, but can also work with automation devices. A simple wave can switch between gadgets.

GADGETS TO FIND ITEMS – Little gadgets (ex: tile, can be attached to different items, which then makes those items easily trackable. A Bluetooth signal can then track the item for up to 100 feet and alert you through the app (that can track up to 8 tiles). Even though it doesn’t provide real time GPS location, it does provide the last place the item was “recorded.”

Without a doubt, 2015 will only bring more evolving technology to make or daily lives easier and hopefully more productive with time efficiency.