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With every start to a new year come new trends that certain industries hope will stay. While some trends continue to be popular and evolving, some may be of news to some. Interactive technology continues to top popularity in growing technology trends.

PHOTOGRAPHY DRONES – Although some are still not sure whether to trust the concept, photography lovers seem to embrace the abilities available with the use of photographic drones. The Parrot Bebop is an affordable option priced at $499. The 14-megapixel camera is already built in the drone.

PORTABLE PROJECTORS – A compact version of any gadget is always a plus. Camping can be made much better with the Tower Portable Theater. It is basically a system and a mini projector. Integrated magnets link everything together and making the system transportable.

CONTACT CAMERA HUBS – Transferring data can be a one step process now. The Canon Connect Station can pull media from its NFC-ready devices by simply being close to the hub. With a price tag of around $300, it is technology that can now be more accessible. The system includes a 1 Terabyte hard drive, a remote, and WiFi.

WINDOW MONITORING CHIPS – Smart radio sensor chips that are completely solar-powered and can monitor your window to alert you if left open. They are designed to be mountable on the aluminum frames of windows or between panes of glass.

SEAMLESS AMBIENT TELEVISIONS – Screens like that of the Phillips DesignLine aim to appear practically invisible when the screen is off. The TV has no frame or stand and includes all the technology of a modern television. The remote even comes equipped with a built-in keyboard.

New multimedia concepts continue to appear and amaze us allowing technology to easily take a large part of our daily lives.