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The multi-screen concept is a popular one in a sports bar setting for obvious reasons. The atmosphere of a sports bar tends to be exciting and entertaining but can also include a whole lot of background noise that might disrupt your game watching and can be more costly to your wallet since usually consumption of paid food and beverages is included. If the sports bar scene is not always for you, home options are easily available.

Multiple games can be enjoyed simultaneously in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by only friends and family. A multi-screen system does not mean multiple televisions but rather one large screen with the ability to bring in programming to a portion of the screen while controlling everything from a central panel/remote. Along with live streaming of games, you can also stream anything from your home network simultaneously.

Having the right experts guide you to optimal set up is very important and a budget should be calculated for the project. A large enough screen can be pricey on its own and a trained professional should be the one configuring the source switching and control system. There are mainly 2 options for set-up:

1) Individual displays with LED-LCD TVs

2) Using a large projection screen that is divided into sections with software applications and processor.

Once that is figured out, you can decide on what sources to connect (video game console, security system, cable, etc). Once again, a trained professional is best suited to properly make this dreamy set up a reality. Please contact Gridworks for further assistance.