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Multi Room Audio


With a brand new year comes brand new goals and that could even apply to your home needs. Like other technology, home audio continues to evolve to perfectly suit the needs of residents. Multi-room audio systems are very common and an easy way to quickly change the ambiance to different rooms in a home. Getting one for your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you are aware of some pointers.


A multi-room audio system basically works like a switchboard, having the ability to send audio to a specific room in your home (or area). The source for the audio can be from different types of receivers. A typical receiver plays radio, CD, mp3 and most likely connects to an online service (ex: Spotify, Pandora, etc).


While wired systems are still an option, it seems wireless has taken over for a few years now. Either type of speakers can be fed by a single-source receiver or a more complex multiple type. Some of these options can be determined by direct preferences. Having a user-friendly control panel (mobile device or touchscreen panel) is very important.


It is always wise to plan for the system you need or is best suited for your budget. Some points to consider:

• How many rooms did you want audio in?
• Determine where most of your music usually plays from to decide what type of receiver you will require. (ex: music from CD’s, mp3, satellite or internet radio)
• How is the connectivity to your home network? It may need to be enhanced depending on what type of receiver will be streaming.
• Do you prefer wired or wireless?

Choosing a multi-room audio system to suit your needs can be simple as long as you know what your budget, system requirements and space are. Contact us at Gridworks and we will be glad to help.