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Once again, we feel that once in a while it is good to recognize and share knowledge of a particular product that we consider innovative and of high quality. In this case, the Mondopad by InFocus is the center of attention.


To put it simply…it is a giant touch tablet for conference rooms. We all know how convenient and user-friendly tablets are…imagine a super-sized one. The ease of use and connectivity allows you to present, annotate and collaborate on a giant tablet with meeting participants and around the world.


• Puts everything you need to visually present, capture and share ideas with the simplicity of touch, all seamlessly integrated into a single, cost-effective device.
• Multi-touch high definition with 55-inch, 70-inch or 80-inch display options.
• Share, view and control from your wireless device.
• Business-class video conferencing.
• Full version of Microsoft Office.
• Flexible and expandable with built in Windows PC.
• Digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation.


The conference room pictured above is of a healthcare client that currently has a couple of Mondopads. They enjoy using the device for a special windows based record keeping software. It facilitates their presentations by allowing users to easily connect and display content on a device. Video conferencing is a breeze with the Mondopad since the integrated camera and built in microphone array with echo cancellation come standard with the unit. Their other unit (not pictured) has the optional portable stand that allows it to be mobile from one location to another.
Overall, the Mondopad is an extremely useful and state-of-the-art product that is a dream to any conference room. It streamlines meetings and allows people to communicate clearly. It will efficiently bridge communication gaps, saving time and money on travel. It is one of the most contemporary professional products on the market available by InFocus.

*Gridworks Inc. is fully certified for sales and installations of the InFocus Mondopad.