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Technology has once again expanded for the convenience and peace of mind of many. Ideally, we would all like to watch over our elderly loved ones in person on a day to day basis, but the reality is that is not likely possible. Gadgets can now aid in the monitoring of loved ones, even if they may be across the country.

A simple “smart thermostat” can let you adjust temperature settings so that your loved one doesn’t have to even worry about it. In addition, some can detect location, be programmed to go into energy saving mode, etc. All you need is a WiFi connection (which is already essential these days anyway) and a smart device (easily available and should be installed by a professional for flawless operation).

Other types of “smart systems” can keep you informed when it comes to appliances throughout the residence your loved one is living at. Reminders can be set in many different ways and can provide medicine alerts. Even AC systems can send alerts to someone when a filter needs to be changed, just one more thing an elderly loved one doesn’t have to worry over.

It is always helpful to take advantage of technological developments, especially if they can facilitate the care of any of your loved ones. A little research can go a long way when it comes to technology.