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Golden Princess LED Wall


Cruise ship entertainment has tremendously evolved the last few years. A combination of technology, changing consumer taste, competition, growing ship size and dining entertainment preferences have reshaped enjoyment options.

The adoption of video walls, the large, mobile scenery panels, which use LED screens, have made stage backgrounds far more interesting and versatile. These “walls” open endless possibilities to “stage setting” with an extremely high quality display. Technology can replace stage props and settings while transforming the ambiance in order to maximize the audience experience.


LED walls are comprised of LED panels. Within a panel, individual LED diodes generate light. Once programmed, the LED diodes (usually 10 mm – 4 mm apart) work together to showcase a whole image on video feed. This creates a vivid, solid image that can be viewable by a large audience.


LED walls are quickly becoming the new standard for displaying video. With a brighter image, LED walls offer a more economical, reliable and flexible platform than projectors. LED walls are measured by LED light, which is calculated in NIT. NIT is the measurement of direct light. Most performance spaces only need to run an LED wall at 20-30% brightness, which means it can last a long longer in the long run. LED walls also support HD video systems, which is now practically a standard.

As far as cruise ships go, we are not replacing the projectors as the projector is still used in both shows and as part of the movies, we are providing backdrops that can move, change and are part of the action. However, the main advantages of an LED wall are that they are modular, mobile, customizable and flexible. Up front, the costs of LED walls are more compared to a projector, but the lifespan is longer and the resulting image quality is simply better. Energy costs are about half of what projectors use. Some of the functions that make LED walls so popular are:

• There are no ambient light considerations. An LED wall can be displayed in a bright room or even outdoors.

• An LED wall is considered thin and can easily be moved or lowered to accommodate a smaller space.

• An LED wall can easily and quickly be torn down and rebuilt in any location. It can be configured to many purposes as well.

LED technology continues to improve and is quickly spreading. The advantages are significant and the outcome creates a huge impact on stage for different settings. Not only do you get more for your money, the visual technology is sure to amaze any audience.

LED walls are one of our specialties at Gridworks and we have worked on numerous on cruise ships the last few years. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your LED wall needs!