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Interactive Wall


Since apps are a way of life these days, supersized visions of anything that can resemble the display is sure to be a hit. Interactive walls can demonstrate just that along with other functions. They can have a range of applications from art display to hosting dialogues on social media to guiding someone through a shopping experience. Some walls also have top quality sound to fully enhance a sensory experience. Some of the popular ones are:

3D RETAIL SHOPPING WALLS – The days of traveling to get the “real life” vision of an item (think sneakers for instance in this example) are over. An interactive wall can display up to 8,000 shoes and customers can swipe with their fingers providing different visual angles and zoom functions. It can even simultaneously pull up Twitter feeds regarding the particular model on the screen. It can be an asset to small retail space instead.

QR SCAN WALLS – For those that like the “going to the market” feel minus having to carry bags or groceries, the QR scan walls allow for shoppers to browse life size products. The scan the item they want, pay virtually and the items will then be delivered to their home.

TALKING WALLS – A sure way to get someone’s attention is a talking wall. Some advertisers have tested the concept for marketing their product with positive results.

SOCIAL MEDIA WALLS – These giant walls stand tall at sporting events displaying social media feeds revolving around a particular hashtag. Content would include scores, commentary and upcoming events.

VIRTUAL POP-UP SHOPS – Once again making shopping easier, these virtual pop up shops can be set up per season. For example: Christmas season will make toy pop up shops extremely popular with the ease of a QR scan assuring delivery after.

3D INSTALL WALLS – Practically a virtual Mount Rushmore, the gigantic 26’ 3D installation can feature faces, as it did for the 2014 Winter Games.

Interactive walls are a fairly easy way to capture attention and deliver a message. Add fully functional abilities and you are very likely to encourage customer buying power and entertainment at the same time.