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Audio no longer has to only focus on sound. Devices now can make audio a more interactive experience. Incorporating other types of technology with sound can project different reactions and appreciation from consumers. Different devices can target different needs and in various ways. Some innovative devices are:

MULTI-PURPOSE HOUSE SPEAKERS – The Cromatica speaker is truly filled with functions in one device. A high fidelity audio quality speaker is also a light source and a clock. This device is an excellent space saver and it works through Bluetooth for wireless function.

ILLUMINATING DIY SPEAKERS – With the necessary audio hardware and a couple of PCV pipes and LEDs, you can have quite the gadget. The transparent pipes allow the lights to shine through creating an interactive musical experience (perfect for minimal space) and blend with any décor.

SPELLBINDING FOUNTAIN SPEAKERS – Digital visualizers are always popular in that they seem to relax consumers. The Watershow Sound System comprises an electronic base and a transparent tower that contains splashes of water to the beat of each song. The multi-sensory lava lamp that is also a speaker is surely to encourage positive moods.

RAINBOW SOUND SYSTEMS – The JBL Pulse LED Speaker is the perfect party prop for a festive atmosphere. It includes a multi-LED display (programmable with special lighting themes), and rainbow display covering almost the entire surface. The device even works with the JBL mobile app providing quite the customized experience. The speaker is also small, yet powerful, making it the ideal portable party must.

CUBED LIGHT SHOW SPEAKERS – The SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker blends audio and visuals together in a very colorful manner. Powerful sound quality mixed with an artistic light show can easily turn any space into a night club atmosphere without effort. For only $79, you can use it as a decorative lamp or a musical multicolored light show.
Audio devices can now be multi-functional to perfectly suit the needs of different people and their preferences.