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Innovative Phone-Plugging Accessories

The phone plugging accessories lately have been getting mighty creative by using a smartphone’s charging cable port or earphone jack for other purposes. While many phone plugs on the market solely serve decorative purposes (or just blocking dust), others actually have functional outcomes.

1. PLUG CHARMS– Basically adds “décor” and protects from dust. Downside: new earphone dock on iphone5 is now on bottom of the phone.

2. CLINICAL ACCESSORIES– Concepts like the “Scanycase” enables you to gauge what is going on in your body by slipping your finger into it. Functions include: glucose monitor, tonometer, and a vascular system analyzer. It appears as a streamlined tube that connects right to the port in the base of an iPhone.

3. LASER POINTERS– The Tangram “Smart Dot” extension and app can make an iPhone double and triple up as a stylus and laser pointer. This is perfect for presentations since it can be synchronized with computers so that it can become an on-screen trackpad, making the iPhone a mouse too.

4. SPOTLIGHTS– The Pocket Spotlight is designed to enlighten scenes for a sun-like amount of light in a dark place. It plugs easily into an iPhone’s headphone jack and can even operate on its own battery.

5. UNIVERSAL REMOTE PHONES– ThinkFlood has invented a universal remote for Apple products. It is a small device that can be connected to an iPhone through the headphone jack to provide universal remote capabilities that can control your TV, Stereo, Cable Box, DVD player and other devices with standard signals. Priced at $49, it is fairly economical.

6. TINY SPEAKERS– There are mini cylinder speakers available that can transform a phone into a decent speaker system that is very portable. All you may need are some AAA batteries and the system will be ready to rock.

7. CREDIT CARD PROCESSORS– These very handy attachments are useful for business owners while out on the field. A simple swipe to the little attachment can take a credit card payment and enter it into a bank account while also having the ability to text/e-mail a receipt.

It is obvious that a cell phone is not just a phone anymore but a portable gadget with endless possibilities. Different stands are also available for various needs and in all shapes, sizes and price points.