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Immersive Cinema Equipment

As home technology improves drastically and quickly and movie ticket/concession prices rise, the prospect of having immersive cinema equipment at home is becoming to be a popular one. The most obvious one is the IMAX technology so many have been chasing for years. With screens that are several stories high coupled with an intense sound, IMAX has set a new standard for cinema viewing excellence.

The IMAX Corporation announced last month a partnership with TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited to bring the 4K experience directly to living rooms. Quite a bit of work has yet to be done to fully explain just how it will be possible. New codecs are currently being developed to compress the massive amount of data that would b4e transmitted to the home.
Although the IMAX Home Movie Theater system is indeed a sophisticated advent that many movie goers constantly chase, the cost of bringing it to home theaters may be way too high to make it feasible for the average customer.