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How to Child-Proof Your TV & Home Theater

We have all heard of the dangers of televisions to children. However, we often don’t realize the hazards of insecure TV / Home Theater placement.

TV-Related Injuries

Home Theater Los Angeles - Retro TVHere are some frightening statistics about the dangers of TVs to children:

  • 215 children in the U.S. were killed by televisions between 1990 and 2011
  • An average of 17,313 children have been treated every year for TV-related injuries over the last 20 years with one child injured every 30 minutes.

While some may blame the older (bulkier, heavier) TVs that now sit in other rooms on top of dressers, flat screens are not harm-free. Lighter weight makes for an easier tipping possibility and these newer televisions are much bigger. Many parents believe height is a solution without thinking of a curious child’s (or pet’s) climbing abilities.

Child-Proof Your TV / Home Theater

To play it safe, it is easy and economical to secure a TV to a wall. It may even improve your TV enjoyment as mounts can now tilt and swivel. Make sure to always get these things done by a professional to ensure safety and peace of mind.