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Computers are now a big part of our daily lives at work or at home. The amount of information they hold is unbelievable and storage capabilities only continue to grow as time goes by. It is crucial that our working equipment can also flawlessly communicate. All components involved still need to be controlled to assure security and smooth performance. Making sure your home network is functional will ease your mind and prevent many headaches, but it is safer to let a professional provide it and install it.


You will need to determine what it is that you will need connected. Knowing this will determine what you will need (big or small) and save you from buying unnecessary additions. As with any upgrade to a home, always have a budget in mind as well. Then really try to narrow your needs and preferences. For example, even if you just want to surf the internet or work from home, you should have a secure and reliable home network that facilitates connections with digital media sharing.


If a new home is being built or a remodel is in the works, it is actually the perfect chance to do all types of wiring at once (fiber-optic, coax, phone, etc). A direct, hard-wired 1GB Ethernet connection is the best option for home use.

Wireless is quick and convenient, UNLESS you need to move large files constantly or stream media often. An Ethernet option might be best for that scenario, but a combination of the two is probably the most common as it can serve perfect function for many needs.

A home network can lead to endless options and possibilities in home automation. It is the perfect way to maximize technology in a home. Gridworks Inc. is always glad to help ease technology into your home.