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The use of creative lighting can really change an atmosphere or setting by adding layers and depth to exiting or temporary décor. The holiday season is the perfect time to amaze people with lighting technology creativity.


A video wall can be configured in many ways which makes it a great option for immediate scenery change. Adding textured lighting to video walls into décor can really raise the wow factor. That simple combination can create perfect winter wonderland illusions such as glittering snow in any place. Other options are company logo display, event sponsor exposure or even slide show capabilities.


As mentioned, lighting and video technology can really bring out winter scenery magic to life. Some possibilities are:

• Changing the mood of a room with lighting ambiance options. (ex: dinner to dancing)
• Using video screens to create “active” winter scenes to really transform a space.
• Audio technology releasing crisp and clear sound to compliment a changing and magical atmosphere for an event. Proper speaker placement and tune balance can make a world of difference.
• Digital signage can complement video wall usage by focusing particular date in certain areas without disrupting the big picture of scenery.

The holiday season is the perfect time to transform a simple space into something magical and seasonal with the evolving technology of audio/visual and lighting. No matter how small the space, there are different ways to make changes that are sure to amaze a crowd.