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Hi Tech Bracelet


While mobile phones seem to now be able to handle many of our tasks…we usually have to “hold” them. Well, technology is once again facilitating that for us. Hi-tech bracelets continue to evolve to cover different technological needs. Some examples:

1) MOOD MONITORING – (Product: The Smile from EmoPulse) This means the bracelet can tell the wearer when to rest, keep working, sleep or wake up. Since it also functions as a phone, it can directly transfer calls to voicemails when it knows you are asleep.

2) LOCATOR – (Product: Link Child Locater by DContinuum) Any parent would love an easy and tech-friendly way to track a child that does not have to mean the child having to carry a mobile phone. Some kids could also be too young for such a responsibility. Child Locater can be used to keep track of a child in crowded areas. With range up to 100 ft, the bracelet (worn by the child) and watch type device (worn by the guardian) work together seamlessly. The signals from the bracelet display on the watch in a small LCD display.

3) BLUETOOTH – (Product: Vibracelet) Everyone is guilty of missed calls because a cell phone is buried somewhere and on vibrate. The Vibracelet allows a Bluetooth signal to make it vibrate and alert you on an incoming call.

4) POWER – (Product: Universal Gadget Wrist Charger) What can be more convenient than wearing a charging device on your wrist? Not only that, but a UNIVERSAL one that can charge various types of devices.

5) TINY CELL PHONE – (Product: SwapRebel EC108) Basically a mini phone on your wrist. While it has limited capabilities, it can make voice calls on speaker or through headsets. It can also sned/receive text and pictures on a little 1.5 inch touchscreen. It is also equipped with a camera and video recorder and can store music. Basic mobile phone standards like alarm, calculator, and calendar also come equipped. With a built-in USB, it is quite convenient in transferring files as well.

Mobile phones may still be at the top of the list for handy gadgets but it seems like wrist accessories are right behind in functionality and mobility ability.