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Hi Tech Wall Mounts


Hi-tech wall mounts are now more than just flat screen television mounts. Space saving is a popular force driving different wall mount options for different technological devices and gadgets. Some options for every room in a home are:

AMPS – Available in different sizes and shapes, a guaranteed way to maximize audio quality while keeping a sleek look.

GESTURE-CONTROLLED SPEAKERS – Doing away with buttons, the OSANO system works with sensors that need to be touched lightly to trigger desired commands.

TOUCHSCREEN JUKEBOXES – Very popular in limited spaces, these “virtual dj’s” include LCD monitors that display song information along with a light show to match beats. Most include wireless remotes to customize the display at a distance.

SUPER TABLETS – Ideal for conference rooms or educational markets, these giant tablets (as big as 80”) can come fully equipped with a pc, conferencing options and whiteboard abilities.

PRINTERS – Those with home offices really appreciate anything that is space saving…especially bulky printers. The Rolling Printer can be mounted on the wall and it is already much smaller and compact than an average printer. It even includes a continuous roll of paper built in.

KINETIC-POWERED LIGHTBULB SWITCHES – A sleek way to control the innovative WiFi-enabled lightbulbs. With an app, users can assign different light settings for each of the four buttons. The internet network allows for functionality. It also solely works via kinetic energy (by users’ fingers tapping on it).

The appeal of space saving continues to grow and technological gadgets just look more attractive on walls. Now you don’t have to sacrifice space to enjoy the latest gadgets in your home or business establishment.