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Hi Tech Home Security


With summer ending, many people were gone on vacations, at times, for weeks. There is always the uneasy feeling of being away from valuable belongings. Luckily, developing technological options can hopefully help with that. Some innovations that may peak interest are:

HI-TECH DOOR BOLTS – There are locks that can be integrated with a smartphone with an app. It works with existing bolt locks allowing keyless and keyed entry. One can send virtual keys thru the app as well that can send alerts at arrival/departure.

HOME SURVEILLANCE W/CELL PHONES – A very popular concept nowadays, Singtel’s LIVEcam makes home surveillance extremely convenient. The camera is password protected and SIM card enabled with a control panel right on the screen of your cell phone. Since the camera is battery operated, it can be completely portable and requires no configuration/installation.

FACE RECOGNIZING DOOR LOCKS – The Face ID CV JB-G107 is a system that keeps a database of up to 500 unique faces and will only allow access when there is a match.

PROGRAMMABLE HOME SECURITY – The Piper Home Security System can be customized in programming to best suit needs. Fully integrated with mobile devices, it has the ability to send text messages upon motion triggers or doors opening. You can alter preferences based on being home or not.

VIRTUAL PEEPHOLE – Probably the simplest innovation, the Digital Peephole Viewer fits right over the existing one and runs on two AA batteries. It provides a clear image on a digital display.

ROCKY COVERT CAMERAS – For those also concerned with protecting the exterior of a home, the Xtremelife Rock Spy Camera is hidden in a waterproof rock. It can hold up to 32 GB of video and is USB compatible.

SMARTPHONE-CONTROLLED SAFETY SYSTEMS – A simpler option, these systems are easily controlled with a mobile phone and an app. They can have safety sensors, camera, microphone, night vision, motion detection and temperature controls.

SIMPLE INTRUDER ALARMS – Not only are standard home alarms pricey (with a monthly fee) but some can be inconvenient. The Scout Home Security System is a sleek and stylish system that has a base station that is enabled with WiFi. It also includes an arm/disarm panel, open/close sensors, motion sensors, and of course, a smartphone app. All of the devices are connected through the hub, controlled by a handset. RFID readers can activate/deactivate easily without the need to memorize codes. The Scout Home Security System reports any problems to your phone without the need for a middle man or monthly fee.

SMARTPHONE DOORBELLS – The Smartbell is controlled by a smartphone thru an app using the internet through wireless LAN to allow you to see who is at the door. Video calls can also be enabled and Smartbell can be integrated with existing security cameras.

ECONOMICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS – For under $100, Korner is a system without monthly fees. It consists of a curved motion-detecting tag that is inserted in upper corners of window/door frames and a fob that is plugged into the Ethernet port of the user’s internet router. Once it declares movement, it sends a wireless message to the fob.

With so many different home security options out there, house security should be a must. There is an option for every need and budget, but most importantly for peace of mind.