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Flexible Technology


Flexible technology is basically different types of technology that has been adapted to “mold” and generally be unbreakable…making it very appealing. While the thought of flexible technology seemed like a distant concept not too long ago, it has recently expanded to a plethora of products.

1) Window-Brightening Devices– The Rail Robot an d Plan’t both offer a means to bring tidiness and attractiveness to a windowsill. The first is a cleaner robot that functions as a vacuum for sliding window tracks. The small cylindrical gadget has an open bottom and flexible bristles that are capable of sweeping along gaps of various widths. A built-in UV lamp also sterilizes and the illuminated planter is meant to soak up the rays of the sun to power an LED light that encourages herb growth.

2) Tablet Books– The new Tablet Book is a new flexible tablet with the latest technology. It can be used on different surfaces and in numerous ways: folded, laptop, or totally flat like a piece of paper.

3) Yoga Mat Computers– Not only are computers being built smaller and slimmer, now they are taking on flexibility. For example, the Orkin Design Rolltop is a laptop that can be rolled up like a yoga mat. It has flexible touch-screen technology so that a screen could be rolled out from a cylinder-type casing and plugged into a power outlet. The strap of the rollup bag doubles as the power cord and the casing also has speakers, a camera and USB/LAN ports.

4) Ultra Portable Folding Keypads– Although perhaps the oldest of the “flexible technology” bunch, evolving concepts continue. For instance, the Elecom slide wireless keyboard is an ultra portable keypad for any computer or mobile device. With Bluetooth technology, it makes portability a breeze, but the highlight is that it is able to contract into a compact rectangular case.

5) Headphone-Integrated Headbands– The new Bandora Hair Band has two main functions: 1) Fashion Accessory and 2) To accommodate the desire to don additional doodads. It comes as a set of three and includes smooth end caps through which you can feed your earbuds.

Evolving technology continues to target convenience in consumers. Eye-catching shapes of different objects are only the beginning. Once you add immense functionality.