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The home automation market continues to rapidly grow and evolving technology only makes it seem more obtainable. The days of extremely high priced only options seem to be fading and now home automation can be a realistic addition to any home. Ease of use is one of the top reasons some people may feel intimidated by the high technology it can provide. The most important aspect of home automation is home security. Imagine being away from home yet having a reliable automation system to keep you informed at all times via your smartphone.

The FIBARO system ( is the most advanced wireless solution in the home automation market. It is also one of the easiest to install without disrupting current décor or future lay out arrangements. The aesthetic style of the modules and sensors allow for precise and easy placement throughout a home. The modular approach allows you to start small and grow based on your needs.


• Only system available on the market that can control LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire.

• It does not permanently connect to a building’s infrastructure, which allows for relocation. The mesh network allows a module to update a new spot and resume operation.

• Compatible with most smartphones on the market along with other wireless devices and IP cameras. The system will send a pic to a mobile phone upon detecting an incident.

• The system checks and monitors different devices in a very detailed manner. It automatically updates while still saving previous recordings. Battery powered components can alert you if you left something on and if you would like the system to turn it off for you.

• The interface is very simple and easy to use/transfer to different devices.

• The system is easily integrated with existing security systems. Each component can operate on its own making activity detection practically flawless. A VPN connection or a static IP address is not required to remotely control the system. For example, if a component detects a fire, it will independently decide whether to pull up blinds, open windows, make sure alarm goes on, etc.


The system basically allows for electrical devices in the home to communicate, making daily life functions more feasible.

• One example, the system can practically plan out your entire morning from climate control to wake up music that increases in volume based on when you told it you have to be up. Motion sensor can then turn lights on while the bathwater runs and the coffee maker gets started. Everything automatically shuts off once the system senses that you have left the house.

• Your return home can also be simplified by the FIBARO system. Once you alert that you are on your way home, things can start prepping for your arrival. Sensors would automatically turn lights on. Sensing your approaching car will open a garage door while also controlling temperature if detected outside comfort level. Once you enter the home, blinds could automatically go down and lights turn on where motion is detected.

• Lastly, but perhaps most important, FIBARO can have immediate response to threat while preventing further danger. For instance, if the smoke detector senses smoke, it would send a signal to the FIBARO system, which would implement programmed emergency procedures, alerting you. Such procedures could mean the lights go into flash mode (to alert neighbors and fire dept/police). The system could also open all of the windows, pulling up blinds, unlocking all doors. The gas supply would also be turned off to minimize danger. Air conditioning and thermostats would also go off to lessen the fire spread and audio/video devices could play evacuation instructions.

Overall, the system is quite the “smart” automation option and an excellent way to allow technology to make our daily lives more efficient.