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digital signage: video wall

Digital Signage

In this day and age, jaw-dropping visuals are easy to come by in the name of advertising. Video-walls, custom-shaped screens and video columns are always part of any concert and really seem to engage an audience. More recently, digital signage is going beyond the screen to create a more sensory experience that is entertaining and effective.

To get a better visual, think of amusement parks during Halloween season. In these scenarios, media players are able to be programmed to replay HD video in response to triggers from sensors in the ride and to control pneumatic valves and rams, lighting and motors for the special effects.

These type of effects are complete packages, including monitor, sound module, control hardware and digital signage players. For instance, getting sprayed with water at a particular moment is very likely a very calculated portion of a package.

A park ride with running zombies and haunted houses is the perfect example of how digital signage is reaching beyond the screen to deliver a very impressive viewer experience. Just imagining the emotional triggers that may arise can assure we are only going to see more of it for many purposes.