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Who doesn’t love the idea of personalizing something? Well, now there are apps for that too! This concept of co-creation lets people put their own personal spin on things and interact with the app as well. These apps can vary in category from design, product selling and information organization:

MIND MAPPING APPS – With the goal to organize thoughts, an app such as Mindomo gives choices for text, image, format and other settings to precisely gather thoughts. A sharing option can allow collaboration with other brainstormers as well.

ALERT ENHANCING APPS – An app like Vigo can enhance your daily performance by tracking blink patterns along with other movements. It can be customized with a headset as wearable technology that includes an infrared sensor, an accelerometer and a clever algorithm built-in to function. Bluetooth connects it to your smartphone to properly track things.

CARD DELIVERY APPS – For some people, nothing beats the feeling of a personalized hand written greeting card. The Felt App comes pretty close making it available on an iPad. For $3.99, you create the card (along with written note) and it gets mailed out.

CUSTOMIZABLE MAP APPS – With so many navigation app options, a very customized one can be more helpful. For example, the Viago app offers features such as speed display, speed limit and even a “lane assist” feature to advice you to change lanes.

EXPLANATORY SKETCH APPS – Sometimes it is just easier to draw something to explain it. The Clarisketch app can work with a voiceover as you illustrate your instructions. Then you can share with anyone via any browser.

VIDEO REMIXING APPS – Since smartphones come equipped with video recording abilities, it is the quickest and most popular way to capture a video. Enhancing a video with various clips, music, and adding captions can be made easier with the Sympler editing app.

SCREEN SKETCHING APPS – A clever way to utilize your phone’s “lock screen” si with the LokLok app. It makes the screen a sketch pad to leave messages on other’s lock screens. Everyone using it needs the app installed – simple.

Apps continue to evolve on a daily basis aiming at customizing abilities to a smartphone – the one piece of technology everyone seems to carry at all times.