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The days of “stand-still” menu boards or advertising poster displays may be numbered. From convention centers to other large venues like sports arenas, hotels and resorts, projectors are increasingly being used for digital signage applications. The industry estimates that projectors working with digital signage make up 25% of application usage. This is just one aspect of growth in regards to digital signage.

PROJECTOR USAGE – The cost per inch is very appealing. The weight of a projector can work in venues that may not be able to handle the weight of an actual digital screen. Projectors lend themselves to easier installations for mapping with high ambient light applications, off-angles or weird surfaces or structures. A quick “go-to” list to assure a projector works perfectly with digital signage:

– Make sure content is in the right format.
– Make sure the correct screen is used for the particular application.
– Make sure projectors are properly set for the projecting space.
– Consider projectors with option slots for integration purposes and to minimize installation costs.

COMBINATION OF BIG & SMALL SCREENS – A must in maintaining attention (think small screens nearby when checking out at the supermarket) If working in conjunction with a big screen, must be seamless.

GREAT CONTENT – Research shows that TV ads don’t walk on digital signage. Digital signage media is a class of its own now.

USER FRIENDLY IS CRUCIAL – Now that digital signage is easily obtainable, it must be easy to use and adapt. This encourages consumers to want to explore further.

INTERACTIVE – In order to keep up with everything else that is digital and interactive, digital signage must interact with consumers to not only capture attention but engage. This includes engaging with the signage via scan QR codes or apps on a mobile device.

• LIVE DISPLAY – In the time of platforms such as Twitter, live display becomes very popular in engaging people via digital signage. A huge must for social media integration.

ANALYTICS DRIVEN – This research will drive advertising decisions, working harder to accurately forecast and report digital signage results. For example, retailers and restaurant owners need to know who is viewing their displays, and for how long in order to determine the effects of digital signage on their particular business.

Digital Signage is such a popular norm in all types of business these days. Now is a great time to explore your options and be informed on how there is a package available for every budget. Contact us today to get you set up with the perfect package for your business!