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A fairly new area of technology is that of connected cars or “smart cars.” Cars just happened to be one of the main attractions at The International CES convention just this past month in Las Vegas, Nevada.


A connected car is a car that is equipped with internet access as well as a wireless network. This allows the car to share information within the interior and exterior of it. A whole platform of technology also comes with a connected car such as: music/audio playing, smartphone apps, navigation, roadside assistance, voice commands, parking aid, engine controls and car diagnosis.


More car brands are joining the concept of connected cars. For example, the amount of exhibit space at CES dedicated to car technologies has almost doubled over the last few years (165,000 square feet). Before we know it, it will look more like an auto show.

Present customers are clear about technology trumping machinery in vehicles. Per the Accenture Consulting firm, the number of cars connected to the internet worldwide will grow more than fourfold to 152 million by 2020 from 36 million today.


Driverless cars will be the next focus in the aspect of connected cars. Mercedes Benz revealed a new autonomous concept car that was “driver-less” with four inward-facing seats around a coffee table.

The battle for dashboard displays by different companies to create contracts with automakers to lock in their device in vehicles is intense. CES is practically a hopeful chance for firm handshakes.

The Connected car concept will continue to grow and most likely at a very rapid rate. Technology leads interest in customers and with the amount of time spent in our vehicles, connected cars seem like a very practical solution to time management and productivity obstacles.